What do you need to know?

We will partner with other community businesses that will help shelter the brunt of the school shut down. If you are a parent that must go in to work we will have a special day camp available for ages 5-13 that will run from 8am-3:30pm. We will provide both breakfast and lunch. As we are all receiving updates real time we will make adjustments as information is provided. While we would love to provide the camp at no cost we will pay youth leaders to assist so that we can accommodate as many families as possible. It will only be $10 a day this will cover youth leaders.

We're Committed to our community


Do you recieve any state aid
Have you or your child traveled out of Michigan in the last 30 days
Does your child have a learnining disability or any food allergies?

During the historic shut down of state schools we recognize that the youth in our community are impacted on levels that not everyone relates to or understands. It is our goal as a business to serve the community that does business with us. 

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